Our Team

Mr. Suhrid Raj Ghimire

Message from Chairman

Dear Customers and Stakeholders
It's my privilege honor to invite you to Continental Group Unit I Pay Remit. In a short period of time, I Pay remit has been set up as the voice of cross-border Payment industry in Nepal. It has been a remarkable journey of nine years which was preposterous without love, support and trust in our strategy and belief in our long-term goal. One of the foundations of our excursion so far has been unwavering faith in our partnership. At this point when I consider our performance and the reason for our conviction, three broad things come into my brain. I call it 3S approach – Strength, Speed and scale. I Pay remit endeavors to work for the Nepali migrant workers across the globe to send their hard-earned money to Nepal quickly and securely using cutting-edge technology. I look forward to continue to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations


Mr. Suhrid Raj Ghimire

Mr. Indra Prasad Sharma

Message from Executive Director

Welcome to Ipay Remit
I Pay remit is one of the most design and exceptionally consistence oriented Cross-border payment company in Nepal. Here, we work collectively to leave a legacy to be associated with years on what we have achieved. Nepal is a gig economy, millions of Nepali migrant workers spread over globally. The journey of decade has been exciting notably that I pay remit became a leading remittance company both in Domestic & International Market with a promising higher return in a short span of time. This has been accomplished as a result of a well-articulated strategy, led by the supervisory group and the constant support from the members of the Boards of Directors.

In the pace of technological changes , I Pay remit has proven a track of record productivity increment in Cross-border payment industry and become proactive in needed innovations . Throughout the business, we persisted on making new and reformist ways to deal with our operations and administ rati ons, and contributing to the growth of our stakeholders. We are intending to keep on taking an extraordinary leap in recognizing the new opportunities to seek after the satisfaction of our mission

Kind Regards,

Mr. Indra Prasad Sharma

Message from

Our Management Team

Our Management group consists of various team members who are dynamic, youthful, vivacious, target oriented and experienced in the industry. We endeavor to procure and keep up the public trust by constantly adhering to the most elevated moral guidelines. Since, I pay is a service base company, our management team ensure that their decision pass three assessments: customer interest, create economic value and systematically responsible. Our group has assisted in interpreting the organizational objectives and core values into substantial accomplishment over the years. We can also accentuate that our team is our great asset. With the legitimate devotion and determination of our group, we are able to serve our customers; create long term value for our partners and contribute to the individuals around the world.